Title: Homestead Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene       Feminine Hygiene

What about your feminine hygiene needs?

This is a topic that is not addressed enough (like toilet paper).  However, it is a matter that seriously needs to be considered. You know how much money you spend every month and how you hate the products.  There are fantastic alternatives.

Years ago I had a friend ask me if I used cloth menstrual pads since I was so into all things natural.  I quickly said no, why am I missing out?  I had already switched to natural organic cotton pads and tampons, so I had at least figured out that there was something better than the most common products.  To deal with your feminine hygiene needs there are two basic options.

Cloth Pads - These are pads that are made out of washable and reusable fabrics.  They come

           in a variety of colors and styles to meet every preference.

Cups - These are inserted much like a tampon and collect your flow until you remove and empty

           it.  These are also washable and reusable.


I made my first cloth pads because I was not sure I wanted to spend the money on purchasing something I might not like.  I was so impressed.  I knew after a couple of days that this was the way to go.  I was much more comfortable and could see a huge savings over the year.  Many women have found that their flow decreases and so do cramps when they switch from the disposable pads with all the chemicals to the natural cloth version.

I thought I would not want to use these now but save them for when we had to be self sufficient.  My main reason for thinking that is because I did not want to clean them.  That has not been a problem.  I throw them in a bowl with a lid that has a mixture of water and vinegar or non-chlorine bleach.  When I am ready to wash them I just rinse them out a put them in the washer or my 5 gallon bucket when using my Mobile Washer.  Which by the way, is great to have for this purpose.  I can quickly wash a portion of my pad stash part way through my cycle if I need to without having a full load of laundry.  See the Laundry page for more info on the Mobile Washer.

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